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Sebastian Jabbusch(English summary)

Sebastian Jabbusch is an independent communications and social media consultant with a focus on public authorities, NGOs and political parties. He offers his services all over Europe in English and German and has experiences with workshops in Denmark or Slovenia.
One of Jabbusch‘ major client is the German representation of the European Commission. He also works regularly for different German ministries. (More project examples)
Jabbusch‘ interest in politics and communication is based on his personal story as an online media editor and political activist against racism and atomic waste.
Before he was self-employed, Sebastian Jabbusch worked for a subset of the German Ministry of family affairs, for a project of one of the biggest foundations in Germany (Robert Bosch Stiftung) and for a global Public Affairs Agency „Burson Marsteller“.

Jabbusch wrote his master’s thesis in political science on „Liquid Democracy“ – the possibility of making democratic decisions via the internet.

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Major success stories


In 2006 I founded the „Front Deutscher Äpfel“ (front of German apples) together with friends, to attack the extrem right-wing party NPD in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The actions of the „Front Deutscher Äpfel“ were extremely popular. We provoked discussions and reflection and achieved a considerable reach via the media.


I designed output for the Social Media Channels of the project „Du hast die Macht“ (The power is yours) for nearly two years (2013-2015). The „Robert Bosch Stiftung“ wanted to get in touch with teenagers without a political background. With my strategy the monthly range increased up to 1,2 Mid impressions and over 150,000 different users.

Abstimmung: Ernst Moritz Arndt Debatte Universität Greifswald

In a one-year campaign (2009/2010), a broad alliance of students at the University of Greifswald engaged themselves against the racist and anti-Semitic patron „Ernst Moritz Arndt“. I was active as the spokesperson for the initiative and organised extensive media work. It was not until 2018, in the third attempt, that the university was renamed.

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